Putting out flyers

16/04/2012 15:12


16 April: The Lord gave me a great day to get out and do flyers. I started at 9am and ended at 2pm. I had several good opportunities. I witnessed to a young mother, Shara. I had previously witnessed to her mom. I also spoke with Peter whom I had witnessed to before. The Lord helped me remember his name and our conversation. I've prayed for him and hope that someday we will get to see him get saved. He has a friend who is born again and their life changed. Peter is a strong atheist. I also witnessed to Brian. His brother attended our church for about 10 weeks. I encouraged him to stop by some time.

The most encouraging divine appointment was with David. I had spoken to him over a year ago. He remembered me and reminded me of when we had met. (My family was at a park and David and a friend were fishing nearby.) He said that he has seen our sign several times recently and had been thinking about stopping in. He knows that he needs change in his life. He has never been to church before. Please pray that he will have the courage to come. And please pray that God will not let Satan put anything in his way to keep him from coming. Thanks for your prayers. (I prayed this morning for those of you who pray for us.)