Putting out flyers

18/04/2012 12:59

The Lord gave me 3 good witnessing opportunities this morning as I put out flyers.  Amanda was the first.  We had a good chat about how choices affect our lives.  She allowed me to pray with her as we concluded.  Angela's dog has often barked at me.  She was out there with him and I invited her to our church and gave her a flyer.  I enjoyed sharing with her the truth about our Creator and Savior.  The last man grew up in a church that didn't preach the Gospel in a way he (and probably anyone else) could understand.  He has since turned from "God" to evolution/science.  I spoke to him for 20 minutes and concluded by saying, "It takes more faith to believe what you believe and the consequences are far greater."  Please pray that God will open his eyes.  The conversation was good but you begin to realize that only God can open the eyes of an unbeliever.  Thanks for praying. God's hand was evident this morning.