Putting out flyers

11/12/2012 16:04

Mark Hikin and I were able to put out flyers this morning. It was very cold with temperatures in the middle 20's. The Lord gave Mark an opportunity to talk with an older man about the Lord. Then He gave us a great chat with two young men (early 20's) who were working on a car. Mark was able to share his testimony with them. We were also able to get into the Gospel. One was thoughtful and appeared interested. He said when we left, "I may see you again." We had encouraged him to visit the church. Please pray that he would have the courage to do that.

Mark could have been injured this morning but the Lord kept him safe. His glove was ripped off his hand and through a mail slot by a border collie. In the process his finger was bitten but the skin wasn't broken. His glove was torn pretty well when the owner returned it to him.  (If you're not smiling, go ahead.) We laughed about it and reflected on why we use F.D.T's. (Flyer distribution tools a.k.a. cheese boards.) Yesterday Dane had a tug of war when a large dog grabbed hold of his F.D.T. as he put it through a mail slot. It's all part of the excitement of putting out flyers. :)

Please continue to pray for the Christmas Carol Sing service. I started preparing my power point last night. Thanks for praying.