Putting out flyers....

12/10/2015 12:02

The Lord gave me a great divine appointment today. I offered a flyer to an older man who was walking past me. He declined it because he has his church. However, a conversation opened up and we chatted for close to half an hour. In the end he took a John and Romans with 4 flyers. He's retired and has time to study. Please pray that God will use His Word to do an awesome work in his life.

In this same area 4 years ago, I met an older lady who is born again and attends a Baptist Church in Edinburgh. I had forgotten about her until I saw her in front of her house where I met her before. We both remembered that conversation. I spoke with Jane for about 40 minutes. Please pray for Jane. She has the sweet joy of Jesus about her. It was a blessing to see her again.

Katie has been busy getting ready for the HBC tomorrow. Please pray that God will use the missionary story and bless our ministry to the kids. Thanks for praying with us.