Question / prayer request

29/10/2015 10:28

This is not my normal update. I'm listening to Abiding Radio and they are playing tone chimes/ bells. We have thought about getting a good set of these for our church. We have a children's choir which had 14 kids in it this past Sunday. I just thought I'd give a shout out and ask if any church has a set which they are not using. (Emphasis on "not using.")  I'm not asking for a church/ individual to go out and buy these for us. But, if anyone has a set that we could have or purchase from you, would you please let me know? 

We are coming up on a busy and good November. Please pray for the following events....

2 November - monthly ladies' meeting.

5-7 November - Ladies' Retreat in Ireland. (Katie and Laura will be attending.)

8 November - First monthly teen service at an assisted living property near our church.

14-22 November - Katie's mom and dad fly over.

19 November - Kirk's (Katie's brother) graduation with his Doctorate from Dundee University. (Thank you for your prayers for his paper. It was turned in this week.)

Thank you for praying for all of these events.