Quieting down....

31/08/2012 19:27

Well, we are past our big events on our calendar and life is getting ready to go back to normal.  Katie is gearing up to teach the kids.  They are planning on starting next Tuesday.  Please pray for her as she gets ready to teach 4 of them.

We had a good service last night with the Hikins and Christine and her two boys. In the adult class we looked at the Thunderstorm Psalm - Psalm 29.  

I witnessed to one young man briefly yesterday as I was putting out flyers. And I had another short opportunity this morning.  George was walking to work.  He said, "I believe Darwin."  He said it right. It is faith.  But, he allowed himself to be persuaded to take a tract and I hope he read it.

We looked at another home today.  We really liked it but found out what it cost to fill the oil tank and had to pass.  We are still looking for a larger home with a garden (back yard) and would appreciate your prayers for God's perfect plan.