rain, rain, won't go away....

02/08/2023 21:43

It has rained most of the time we've been back in Scotland. I guess it has made it easier this week for me to get caught up on life. I've needed extra study time the beginning of this week as some of us leave tomorrow for men's camp. We have 3 men and 3 boys heading North around ten tomorrow. Please pray for God to do a great work in all the hearts of those who will be in attendance. 

In other news, our church successfully registered a new address. Our church address is now offically, "Southside Free Baptist Church, Dryden Terrace, Loanhead EH20 9JL." God has been so good to help us navigate through the business side of owning this property. Please pray for continued grace as there are some ongoing paperwork needs. 

We have enjoyed several visitors lately. On Sunday PM we had 3 visitors  and tonight we had 3 more. It is a blessing to get to minister to those whom God brings. I preached this evening on speak up, stand up from 1 Peter 4:11. We appreciate your prayers for God's work at Southside Free Baptist Church.

PS. We have loads of holiday pics. This very windy pic was taken from the French side of the English Channel.