rain, sunshine, wind, rains, sunshine, sleet.....

29/04/2013 11:50

Sometimes we can get some pretty interesting and quickly changing weather. The past two days have been like that. I just ran three blocks back to the house because the weather was changing for the worse. :) God's been good to help get the flyers out. I got out four days last week and was able to get out this morning. JW's just swarmed the street I was on. I don't view that as an accident. They were either told that the Gospel was going out on that street or they were directed there by the enemy of righteousness. Please pray that God would stop Satan from snatching the seed away.

The Lord gave us a good day yesterday. Mark Hikin did a hymn history in SS. It was a big step for him and the Lord blessed it to our hearts as he shared the story of, "It is Well with My Soul."

We were also able to divide the children's SS yesterday and that went very well. Please pray for our church as we take little steps of growth.

Tonight we are going out to eat with a Christian couple from Texas. They are staying in Loanhead and found out about our ministry. It will be fun to get to know them and share with them what God is doing here.