20/09/2013 22:34

The Lord reminded me today how much He can be involved in our day. We had 4 divine appointments. One was in front of our home. Two others were in Edinburgh. Those two were with two different people/families for whom our church is praying. Another was as I was waiting to park my car. I ended up giving two men a lift down the road a few blocks.  S____________ said he would visit our church. Please pray for God's continued blessing and guidance. It is refreshing to see His hand at work.

Illness is going around again. We'd really appreciate your prayers for our church folks. The Hikins who were there on Thursday night all have a stomach bug. We have a few in our family with similar symptoms as well. This has already been a couple weeks of illness. Please pray for God to use this to strengthen our church and that if it please Him it would be short in duration. Thanks for praying.