20/07/2017 08:42

Our family enjoyed two days off the beginning of this week as we recovered from a busy schedule and celebrated Parker's 10th birthday. The weather on both days was wonderful which was an extra blessing! God also provided a second car for us in answer to prayer. There are several reasons we felt that was important and wanted to source one this week as my parents and aunt arrive this coming Tuesday. God is "Jehovah Jireh!" He gave us a wonderful 2007 Honda JAZZ owned by a little old lady (really!) which only has 38,000 miles on it. It get close to 50 mpg and will keep miles off of our big family vehicle which vehicle is very difficult to replace. So, God is very good to His children and we praise Him!

The Lord has given two witnessing opportunities thus far this week. On Monday I witnessed to two girls from Nepal. They were at a Nepaleze gathering at a park. One was Budhist and the other was Hindu. I also witnessed to the man who sold us his mother's car. Please pray for God to awaken Iian's heart to the Gospel.

Please pray for our upcoming HBC in Loanhead. Sunday night we will have a special prayer time and then get everything set up. Please also pray for Emily Washer as she has been fighting an illness for the last couple of weeks. Please also pray for Jonathan as He is preaching this Sunday morning at our church as well. There family has been a great encouragement in the work here.

I'd appreciate your prayers as well for my parents and aunt as they fly over and spend three weeks with us. People ask us often over here, "Do you miss the USA?" The answer is, "No, we just miss our family." We really looking forward to some good family time and good family ministry. We've booked a holiday in England for four of the nights they are here.