Refreshing morning....

12/11/2017 13:03

The Lord encouraged us this morning with visiting friends (the Dillmans) and a returning visitor (the mother and young daughter.) There was a good spirit this morning and we are looking forward what God is going to do at the Trust (assisted living facility) this afternoon.

We also have a father and 10 year old son arriving right now from the USA. They would have made it to church this morning but there flight was delayed by three hours. Please pray for the Rowleys as help us with some house projects before returning to the States on Wednesday.

I enjoyed preaching this morning from I Chronicles 29:1-14 on Supporting the King's Work. God challenged my heart to give with all my might, all my heart, all my soul (will) and all my spirit (joy.) Please pray for God to bless His Word to our hearts and that we could give to God's church as David and his men gave to God's temple.