Relatives arrived!

09/04/2016 21:21

It's good to have my brother-in-law, Jason and daughter, Ellie, with us. They arrived early this morning. Jason is heading on to France for business but Ellie will be with us the next few weeks until their return to the US. So, Kay Lee is excited to have a sister for a few weeks.

Jason went with me to do door to door today. God gave us one really great divine appointment with an elderly lady. Please pray that God will awaken this dear ladies' heart. She said, "It would be a comforting thing to know where one is going when one dies."

This evening Jason and I went into Edinburgh and handed out flyers and witnessed. We had several great opportunities for extended conversation. We witnessed to a couple who were perched on top of monuments at the cemetery. I joked with them at one point when the man suggested we find other's to speak with, "No this is better, because you guys can't get away." They really did have a good sense of humor and we were able to share much truth with them.

Then we spoke with a young couple from Italy who listened intently to the Gospel. I don't think they had ever before understood why Jesus died.

The last conversation was a lengthy one with an Australian outside a pub. He kept inviting us in for a drink which we declined. :) Please pray that God will awaken John's heart. His mate joined us a bit later and listened in as well.

Thank you for praying for divine appointments. The Lord gave us several today.

PS. We also had a couple good opportunities to invite young people in our community to the football (soccer) tournament on 21 May. Please pray for this next big event on our calendar.