Returned and Refreshed!

05/05/2012 19:00

Thanks for your prayers this week as we went on holiday (vacation.)  We had a great time.  God gave us better health and better weather every day.  We began in a misty, foggy, cold Monday and had great days Tuesday - Friday. 

The Lord gave several good witnessing opportunities this week.  I witnessed to a lady named, Dot, at the place where we stayed. She doesn't believe in God but she was thinking as I chatted with her.  Please pray that she will open her heart to the Lord.  Another good witnessing opportunity was Ryan.  He is 21 and just has not thought about God.  You hear that here and I believe those who tell me that.  Why should they think about God when they are taught that evolution is fact?  He was very interested in the conversation and I hope he will look at our church website. He definitely was thinking about things that he had not thought about before.

God is good.  He gave us just what we needed this past week.  If you would like to see some pictures from our holiday please view the "Photogallery" page. Thanks for your prayers.