21/03/2017 12:53

I've been putting out flyers now in a village about 5 miles from Loanhead. The weather was a bit rough this morning as we awoke with snow on the ground and some strong snow showers. I didn't stay out too long and just did flyers for about an hour. On the way back I checked on a facility for a football tournament which we hope to organize again this summer. The venue which we used last summer is under construction. So, I'm looking for a football pitch not too far from area which is set up for five a side (like a basketball court with fencing around it) football. The facility I found will work very well. Please pray for wisdom as we seek plans for that tournament.

We're looking forward to our monthly youth activity this Friday. The church has purchased some fun equipment for a nerf war. Nerf has come up with new guns that shoot a foam ball at about 70 mph. (Big smile) I think it will be a big hit with our teens. Please pray for God's blessing on the activity and for wisdom as I prepare to preach to the young people.