Roslin finished....

30/01/2017 11:58

It was very cold temperatures this morning but without wind and with sunshine it made for a decent morning to get out to do flyers. I was able to finish a village about 2 miles from Loanhead. I'm going to target some villages a bit further away now that the close areas are completed.

I had one really good divine appointment which was also an answer to prayer. I had prayed for people to stop and chat even though it was very cold. This man got out of his car wearing shorts :) with his hands full of papers and a cup of coffee. He dropped a piece of paper and with everything else in his hands managed to pick it up. He was the last person which I expected to stop and chat, but he did. Please pray for him. He admitted that he could understand what I was saying about life being empty without a relationship with God. Please pray for wisdom about following up with him if we don't see him at church. He was pretty open.

I also had a devout atheist track me down to let me know that my "teleological" argument  could not possible be true. I just smiled at him and said, "Well, I'm not a philosopher" since philosophers had agreed that this kind of argument is false. Please pray that God would also awaken his heart and the heart of the elderly Jehovah's Witness lady to whom I spoke. She admitted that it was wrong to worship anyone but God. But she explained away the worship of Jesus by saying, "But that was a different kind of worship." 

I received a phone call about this flyer last week which thankfully I didn't answer. The caller asked me not to post any more "hate mail" through his mail slot. I won't have any trouble complying with that request as I have never posted any hate mail through anyone's mail slot. I think perhaps his definition of hate mail is, "Mail that he hates." :)

Thanks for praying for us. God is working in our community and we praise His name!