Roslin finished....

08/01/2018 13:55

Roslin takes three different outings to complete. I believe there is around a 1,000 mailslots there. I had two outings to Roslyn the end of December and had the last one this morning. It was 18 degrees this morning when I ran and it wasn't any warmer as I got started doing flyers. I had to laugh as I went past the golf course by our home and there were golfbags on the course. (I didn't see the golfers and hope no one had frozen to death.... reminds of the rough golf game joke - "Horible day golfing, Harry died on the course. Had to hit the ball and drag Harry.")

God gave me a fantastic opportunity to share the Gospel with a 15 year old paperboy. Please pray that this young man's eyes will be opened to eternal truth.

I'd appreciate your prayers that our faith would be strong in anticipation of what God is doing and what God will do this year. I heard a great message this morning by John Goetsch on Stephen, a man who was Full (faith, the Holy Spirit, power). It was great challenge on being empty of other things to be full of God's things. We appreciate your prayers very much.