Safe in the USA

15/07/2020 18:39

Thank you for praying for our travels. All went very well. After 21 hours of travel we arrived at my Aunt's in Illinois last Thursday. My parents and grandma surprised us and were at the house waiting for us. Friday was a down day. Saturday we drove 5 hours to my home church and our sending church in Hudson WI. It was a great blessing to report to them on Sunday. After an afternoon service we drove to Des Moines, IA where we are enjoying a week with my parents. We are already making some great memories. 

This coming Sunday we have two meeting in Wisconsin. We'll pull our travel trailer up to my brother's home in Galesville, WI on Saturday and be there for a couple of days. 

About the flights, the first flight was full. I had a good witnessing opportunity with a young man, Dominic, who was going to Spain to teach English. The second flight was on what seemed to be a new jet and it was nearly empty. I've never flown on a plane where you could tint the windows by pushing a button. The windows were also larger windows. We thoroughly enjoyed the flight.