Safe travel and outreach update

16/08/2023 13:54

God blessed our family with some really sweet times with all the kids home this summer. Kay Lee and Benson flew back on Tuesday to prepare for the start of the Autumn Semester at Ambassador Baptist College in NC. We'll miss them, but we are excited about how God is leading and working in their lives. 

On Monday, I did street preaching in Edinburgh with several in our family handing out literature. Today, Don Dillman and I met on Princess Street to do some street evangelism. Thank you for praying for the street preaching. It is Festival Season right now with several international festivals taking place. It is prime time to be in Edinburgh declaring the truth of God's Word.  I definitely need God's enablement that I may "open my mouth boldly" to proclaim the truth of the Gospel. I love doing this, but recognise my need every time for God's enablement. Thanks for your prayers.

Yesterday our ministry was helping someone catch up on their gardening after having a tough season of life. I'm thankful the Lord led us to help them and get a physical burden off of their shoulders. 

Also, Katie put together back to school gifts for kids and their parents as school resumed here today. She enjoyed seeing many that visited our NBT. Please pray for God's grace for these many families.

In other news, Katie is getting ready to start up schooling with the kids. Your prayers for her busy ministry as mom and children's teacher at church, church pianist, etc. etc. are much appreciated.