Salvation and outreach

17/11/2018 12:09

I shared with our church on Thursday night that the opposition against our outreach had been significant this past week. I mentioned that Satan often resists just before God has a great opportunity. I had a great opportunity yesterday morning to lead a friend of mine to the Lord. Please pray that he will come to church. We have yet to see another man who put his trust in Jesus come to church. Please pray that he will come as well.

Our door to door went very well this morning. One lady was tearful and I asked if she had just lost someone. She said that she had and Katie and I had a sweet time of prayer with her. Please pray for her to accept the Gospel and know the sweetness of assurance of salvation. She's a Catholic.

Praise God for His power over the enemy and for His ability to reach our community with His gracious love. Thank you for praying.