Sanctuary works

13/09/2023 21:42

Thank you for praying for our work on the sanctuary. Althought my second cousin's family was delayed a day in arriving, we got a good start on the project today. Pastor Josh Roberts (Wales) also helped us. Brother Josh arrived to visit with the Andersons. 

The Andersons were scheduled to be with the Roberts this past weekend as their final destination before heading back to the States. God had other plans. I'm thankful that God allowed Josh to come here since they could not go there.

The first part of our day was getting a system in place for putting up the insulation, framing and then the drywall. We didn't begin drywalling yet, but are making good progress on the insulation and framing. 9 of the 24 bays (there are also 6 half bays) are finished with insulation and framing. We should be able to move faster now that we know the process. The Christian contractor who helped us order all of our material also supplied the tools we need for the job. Praise the Lord. Here are some photo's from today which show our progress.