Satan's breakfast....

22/03/2016 09:08

Any young person who is envious of Satan's table should have been with me yesterday morning as I witnessed to 4 homeless drug addicts in Edinburgh. As I gave them a flyer the outspoken one said, "I don't want Jesus. He is not my Saviour. I won't repent." He also said that he hadn't had his breakfast yet and proceeded to inject drugs into himself in front of me. These men had sores on their bodies. The place where they were bedded down stank of urine. They had no joy and sorrow was tattooed by Satan all over them. Any wise person would know that Satan gives death and God gives ABUNDANT LIFE. What they refuse to give up is Satan's slop and they are rejecting the feast of God. Please pray for God to awaken hearts in Scotland.

I had 3 other good opportunities. Stephen took a John and Romans. He also is homeless and struggling with his mind after 16 years in military service. I told him the story of the naked man in the tombs who was confronted by Jesus and then clothed and in his right mind. He told me that he was so out of his mind that they had found him at the shelter lunch room eating unclothed. He took a John and Romans. Please pray for God's power to put him in his right mind.

I witnessed to a beggar and told him the story of Lazarus and the rich man. I told him that God doesn't promise wealth but he promises to meet our needs and that eternity was far more important than life. He also took a John and Romans and shook my hand.

I confronted some young people on the bus on the way home who were loudly telling an obscene story. One asked if I was a Bible person. I said, "My name is Ben. I'm a Baptist minister. What's your name?" His name was Kevin. Later I gave them a flyer. They kindly took it. Please pray especially for Kevin that God would awaken his heart. He read the flyer after I handed it to him. I told them as I got off the bus, "If you make that decision, it is the most important one you will ever make." I heard the laughter of the one who had the foul mouth as I got off.

Thank you for praying for divine appointments. Please also pray for God's power in those opportunities.