Saturday, Sunday and Monday

26/09/2022 11:34

God blessed Saturday with two really good divine appointments while knocking on doors. I anticipate one young lady being in attendance at church in the near future. There is another woman from the same area who we met 2 weeks earlier that said she will come. She's had covid this past weekend, but said maybe this next week.

Sunday was encouraging with regard to door to door. About 6 months ago we had an amazing day knocking on doors. 3 entities said very definitely that they wanted to come visit the church. Nobody came....until 3 weeks later Mali came with her 2 children to HBC and then church. She and her husband were added to our church about 2 months later. Yesterday, another one of those entities from that day, a young family with 2 small children, came out for church. What a blessing to have them there!

There are several right now whom we anticipate visiting the church. Please pray that nothing will keep them from coming and that God will use us to meet the spiritual needs in their life through His Word.

Another blessing yesterday was Tommy speaking for a 5 minute challenge in our evening service. I've challenged our men to take opportunity to do this once a month. He bravely took me up on it. Please pray for others to follow suit.

I preached in our AM service a message on church planting while looking at the example of the church at Troas. My main point was that everyone needs to get more involved in church planting. (Churches plant churches)

Today, Tommy and I put the Open Letter out on the South Side of Edinburgh. Please continue to pray for the power of God to open men's eyes to His truth. A young girl (7) recently said as my wife taught that God made male and female, "There should be 3 genders. Boys and girls and those who don't identify." These kids are being taught lies in our schools. We MUST help them to know truth or they will not only perish but they will not understand why their life is so messed up. God help us and God help you to get truth out where people can read it, hear it, and see it.