21/12/2013 20:36

We're looking forward to the day tomorrow as we have our last Sunday before Christmas. We have one more children's choir practice before their ministry at the Christmas Eve Carol Service. They have worked hard during our choir practices and we've enjoyed our time together.

We are having very interesting weather lately. Wet and very windy has been our norm for the last week or so. That continues through the weekend. Thankfully from my perspective we have increased opportunities for some snow showers in our future. :) We (I) wouldn't mind seeing some snow flakes around Christmas time. It looks like the winds will die down in time for our carol service on Christmas Eve.

Mark Hikin had a bit of encouragement today. The Dr.'s are allowing him to go home during the day. That is a blessing as he can be with his family. (It is difficult to get them up to the hospital.) Please continue to pray for God's grace in shrinking this abscess on his appendix.