02/03/2015 13:16

This morning has been a scheduling morning. We are nailing down dates in our church calendar. We would appreciate your prayers for the following ministry opportunities this year.

9-11 April - A group from our church is traveling to a men's camp in Ireland. I get to preach at one of the sessions.

31 May - 3 June - Evangelist John Van Gelderen is with us for a conference on "Revival."

2 June - We are hosting a fellowship meeting while the Van Gelderen's are here.

20-24 July - Garrett, a college student from the States, is helping our church with our Holiday Bible Time. 

I've scheduled other things this morning but those are the main events. Please pray for God's direction with our church calendar and his blessing on our different activities.

Katie has a ladies' Bible study at our home this evening and would appreciate your prayers.