Sickness. :(

08/09/2013 14:35

We have had a very unusual Sunday. During the night we realized that Katie and Kay Lee would be unable to attend due to illness. This morning two other families let us know that they were unable to come due to illness. We already knew of another family that wouldn't be coming because they have had colds for over a week.

So, we changed plans for our Sunday and had brother Steve take both hours this morning and have cancelled tonight. The Andersons were headed to another missionaries home in Fife on Tuesday and we just sped things up and got them over there today. Our hope is that they will not get this virus.

Meanwhile, it seems evident that we are going to have to cancel our ladies meeting tomorrow night. I'm not sure right now what to do about the Tuesday Pastor and Wives fellowship meeting. Katie is the backbone behind the organization of that and right now she is really ill.

Will you please pray for wisdom for us and for healing for all who are ill? We know that God's plan is best and He has been very gracious to us today. Thanks for your prayers.