Sister Church Christmas Luncheon

14/12/2013 18:49

We enjoyed a Christmas lunch with a sister church in Dunbar. We love the pastor and his wife and are very thankful that they invited us to be with them today. I preached on the Christmas Prophecy, "Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given...." Specifically we considered the prophetic names of Jesus found in that verse.

We are thankful for journey mercies today as there were gales to severe gales blowing. Our vehicle has high sides and it makes you feel the wind a bit more. But no matter what vehicle we would have been driving, we would have felt the wind today.

The Lord gave a good witnessing opportunity with a young man who attends their ministry as a care giver. Please pray that God will awaken his heart. He sits in on the services each week because of his employment. 

Mark Hikin would appreciate your prayers. He is at the hospital tonight with abdominal pain which they believe is his appendix. He has been in terrible pain this past week.

Also, there is good news for Violet. She does have breast cancer but they did not find cancer anywhere else. I know she would appreciate your continued prayers.

Thanks for your part in our ministry. I'm preaching tomorrow morning on Mary's song of praise found in Luke 2.

PS. :)  The Lord gave a good witnessing opportunity with a young man from France. He said that he worships mother earth. Interestingly he didn't admit he was a pagan until I questioned him. I shared with him an illustration I got from Dan Pero. I pointed at the painting on his display and said, "You can see the art but not the artist. You worship the painting instead of the painter." The Lord gave us a good 15 minute discussion.