smiling dog

02/06/2014 12:09

I wish I had a picture to attach with that title. I'm getting faster reflexes with my F.D.T. (Flyer Distribution Tool) otherwise known as a cheese board. It is perfect for pushing flyers past the bristles of the mail slot. It is also my weapon of choice for the 4 legged enemies lurking behind doors. The most dangerous ones are perfectly silent until after you put your mail through the slot. Then they bite and sometimes shred. This dog (English bird hunting type) climbed up in the window with my flyer neatly folded in his jaws and grinned at me. If you have never seen a dog grin you really need to join me in putting out flyers.

God gave me one great opportunity to speak with a young man (16) about the Lord. I gave him a John and Roman as well. The Lord gave us a great opportunity last night to speak with 5 teens that were around that age as well. I spoke primarily with the three boys. When the girls came back over they were told to sit down and be quiet or to go away. (You know the Lord's working when a teen boy will say that to any teen girl.) I was very impressed with these young people. They were respectful, thoughtful and thankful. Thanks for praying for open doors to speak about Christ.