Snow, flooding, sunshine....

06/12/2020 21:39

Scotland really is a place that sees four seasons in one day. We enjoyed a bit of winter this week that lasted for about 10 hours. There was a few inches of accumulation on Friday morning with heavy rain forecast. So, I took the boys sledging (sledding) on the golf course by our home and then they went to school. It was mostly gone that evening.

Today was a refeshingly sunny day. Most of our days have been dark and overcast and it was a blessing to have the sunshine.

God gave us a some blessings today. A baby in our church underwent a successful surgery to help her feeding. Please pray for her to gain weight and to thrive post op. The parents are thrilled that the doctors identified the problem yesterday and that it was addressed quickly. It's been an ongoing problem for a few weeks.

Our children were very faithful in their attendance tidat. The young girl who got saved a few weeks ago is very clear that she has truly gotten saved and wants to be baptized. Katie and I are collecting (picking up) kids from 3 villages to attend church.

We were blessed to observe the Lord's Supper this evening. Like many of you we have gone to the covid communion cups i their own little packets. Praise God we can observe the Lord's table.

We tried tonight to livestream the service and it was nearly successful. Unfortunately it didn't back up the video (my error no doubt) to my sd card. So, I have no video or audio of our service other than what is on our Facebook page. I preached on, "There is Hope" from Luke 4. Please pray for our church as we work through these technical issues.

God's good. Thanks for your prayers.