Snow, snow and snow still on the ground.

24/01/2021 19:35

This week we actually gave our kids a snow day and watched the inauguration. We were blessed with heavy snow on two nights this week and so my outreach was limited by inclement weather.

God gave us a good Sunday. This morning I really enjoyed sharing with our church the "time principle" and the "put off/ put on" principle from the end of Romans 13. This evening I preached a message on Epaphras. This message has impacted me with the need church plants have for intercessory prayer. I entitled the message, "Essential Intercession." I encourage you to listen to it, not because I preached it. But, because this message is vital to the success of all church plants (and established ones.)

God put it on my heart after I again scheduled weekly zoom prayer times with missionary men in Scotland. Please pray for these prayer times beginning this Tuesday at 11 AM. (6AM EST) I'm going to host them until the end of this lockdown.

Thank you for praying for us and our ministry. God is working and we know that it is in answer to your prayers.