snow, snow, snow....and wind

07/12/2021 13:18

Storm Barra has arrived and it's not very nice outside just now. I was able to get out with flyers yesterday afternoon. I was rained out in the morning. For those of you who remember my F. D. T. (Flyer Distribution Tool) - interestingly, it was ripped through a mail slot yesterday by a D.O.G. That is the reason I use an FDT as it puts the flyer nicely through the mail slot bristles and protects your hand. Thankfully my hand wasn't ripped through the mail slot. The lady was very nice and gave me back my small cheese board (civilian terminology.) The dog ran to the window immediately after obtaining my paddle and growled menacingly at me. I'm just thankful that I was holding the F.D.T. with a quick release grip so that the little guy still had all of his teeth. :) (Just in case anyone thinks that there isn't excitement in putting out Gospel flyers.)

I had one good short conversation with a teenager yesterday. Today Tommy was my partner as we got out before the storm and distributed flyers. God allowed us a to meet an older woman who may want to attend our carol sing service. I'm going to follow up and see if we can collect her for that service.

Thank you for praying for our outreach.