10/05/2020 10:50

Well, we've enjoyed some incredible weather lately and we needed some rain which God has sent. We're seeing some light snow showers, but the temperature is well above freezing.

I was able to see our college student Blake off at the airport this morning. I helped him get his luggage to the airport. Thank you for praying for his travels as he heads back to the USA.

God allowed one of our facebook adds to get back up and running this morning. We think for some reason facebook is block any links on our adds to our church website. So, we've taken the website off of our adds. They should still be able to link to our facebook page where they could find out about our church.

I did one more evangelistic segment this morning - The Journey - Immediate Salvation. (This is a facebook link.) It is currently uploading to sermon audio. Please see the link in the previous post to access it on sermon audio.

Here is a link to Katie's lesson on Jesus meeting his disciples at the Sea of Galilee after His resurrection.

The message I preached for our Sunday morning service is from John 15, "Turn Not Away." It is Jesus preparing His disciples for coming persecution and giving them truth to remember when He was gone.