Snowing again....

21/01/2018 12:58

We have just returned from church and now there is a wonderful snowshower coming down. Unfortunately, for those of us who love snow, this signals the end of this cold snap. A warmer low pressure system is pushing through but the moisture is hitting our cold air and giving us one last fun event. Our most snowy month I think is Marh - so there is hope for more in the future. There has been several inches of snow on the ground all week.

Our morning went very well and it was our faithful "church family" group. Please pray for our attendance as we have some who have recently stopped coming. I preached a message entitled "Preaching Your Funeral" this morning as the message I preached was a funeral message which ended with the passage, John 14:1-6. Please pray that the living will lay it to heart. I know that there are some who need to put their trust in the Lord. Please pray that God will use the Sermon Audio as well to speak to hearts.

This week we have two special events. We have a revival prayer time for missionary friends in our area on Thursday morning. We also have a youth activity on Friday. We'd appreciate your prayers for both. Thank you!