So it wasn't a "beautiful day."

21/12/2012 15:00

I just got back from doing flyers. I passed a middle aged couple and said to them, "Beautiful day." She said, "Beautiful?" I said, "I'm trying to think positively." He said, "I'm positive it's a rotten day."  (Ok, so it was 40 and raining....but you might as well embrace it.)

The Lord gave me two divine appointments. I met Michael coming out of his flats as I was wanting to come in. (God's timing is perfect.) Please pray for he and his girlfriend. Her gran passed away. I told him that we'd be praying. 

Then as I was getting very close to my car Richard came by. He had promised to visit our church a couple weeks back. He said he will be there this Sunday. We'll see. He recognized me and stopped his bike to chat.

I also spoke to the mother of a little girl who attends our church. Their family has not yet come to a church event but we keep inviting. I also invited another lady whom we have chatted with in the past.

Katie put flyers out during lunch time as well. So, we have gotten a fair amount out. Please pray that the Christmas story on the back would open some people's eyes.