Some trials, but God is good....

16/10/2016 13:49

We went into this morning knowing that Katie's grandfather was at the point of death. We found out near the end of our Sunday School hour that he had passed away. God has put on my heart to send my wife back for this funeral. So, please pray for her travels and for God to bless the family time at the funeral. Her grandpa was in his early nineties and was a saved man. So, there is much for which to thank the Lord.

The other wee trial was a bad cold that I have had since the middle of this past week. I didn't preach Thursday night or for Sunday School this morning. Instead we listened to some great messages preached by Evangelist John Goetch. I didn't know if I would be able to preach this morning because of a cough that takes my breath away. But, the Lord gave abundant grace and I preached the second part of my message from last week - When Righteous Men are Few (Part 2). The Lord kept me from having a coughing fit and challenged my heart, and I trust the hearts of our people on the subject of prayer.

This afternoon I get to skype with a supporting church. I'd appreciate your prayers that God would bless that time and help my voice to be strong for that as well. I'll probably show a film this evening.

Now, my 6 year old just asked me a good question, "Dad, how are we going to cook when mom is gone?" :) We'd appreciate your prayers for us as well as mom is away. Thanks for faithfully caring for our family and ministry. We appreciate your prayers.