South Queensferry

15/03/2017 13:20

I was over helping Don this morning put out flyers in South Queensferry. It is a beautiful area overlooking the Firth of Forth and the Rail and Road Bridges accross the Firth (A Firth is narrow inlet of the sea where a river flows into it.) 

We had a couple good opportunities to speak with people. A builder whom we spoke with was asked, "Do you have any children?" He replied that he was expecting his first in a couple of months. We were able to encourage him to think about the responsability of teaching that child about God. It was a good wee chat. 

The second was the best opportunity as it seems Francis may likely visit the Dillman's church. She very definitely said that she would come and that she would bring a friend. She used to attend a Baptist church that met at a Hotel. Please pray that she will visit a new church plant that meets currenly in a home.