Special Days

18/06/2013 11:39

We've enjoyed some special days lately. God gave us a delightful Father's Day. The kids put together a nice gift for their dads. I preached on Abraham and Isaac walking towards the hill of Sacrifice. I did an acrostic of FATHER.  Follow God's Word, Act on God's instruction, Take steps of faith, Honor God's promises, Earn God's approval and Rejoice in God's provision.

Yesterday was also a special day as Katie and I celebrated our 13th anniversary.  We took the day off and headed to a safari park for the day. It was a lot of fun. We watched a bird and seal show, drove past lions, rhino's, buffalo, saw elephants and giraffe's etc.  It was a gorgeous day.  We were even a bit sunburned.  The weather has been very nice this summer. Praise the Lord. God gave a good witnessing opportunity at the park with a young man who was working there.

This morning I put out flyers in a nearby village. Please pray for W_________.  She was very open to studying God's Word and may come and visit our church. It was an obvious divine appointment. Please also pray for the flyers that were put out.  The wicked bird was swooping in before I left.  The Watch Tower Witnesses *(J.W.'s) were going through the area where I had put out flyers.  This has happened numerous times. Please pray that this cult will not succeed and that God's Word will prevail.  Thanks for your intercessory ministry for our field.

Jeff Smith update: (Missionary friend dying of a brain tumor.)  A man from our church went with me on Saturday to visit Jeff.  He still has his smile, but has lost most of his other abilities. We sang a lot of songs with him. After singing God is so good I said, "God is good isn't He?"  Jeff was able to say, "He is." He was also mouthing many of the words to our songs though he appeared to be sleeping. God's grace is evident in He and Shellie's lives. Please continue to pray for them and their family.