Static Caravan (trailer) Park

08/07/2015 11:44

This morning I did flyers through a caravan park. I would guess I put out close to 200 flyers. I had one divine appointment with a young lady who lives away from here. She was very anti-religion but then admitted that she is jealous of people of faith. She has visited churches with friends who are born again. Please pray that God will bring her to faith. I gave her a John and Romans and encouraged her to ask God to help her find Him. I spoke with her for over 20 minutes and it was a great conversation. 

Thanks for praying for our evangelism. Yesterday I asked a man in his 50's, "How many people do you know who attend church regularly (or every week?) He said, "None."  At our Gala Day tent we were speaking with a boy who is about 10. He said, "My dad doesn't let me go to church. I don't know why but he doesn't. But, I read a chapter in my Bible every night." The end part of that statement was encouraging. But, the beginning was sad. God alone can awaken men's hearts. Please pray for His Spirit to open the eyes of people in our community.