Steadfast for Truth

08/05/2022 14:07

God gave us a good morning. We missed some who were away, but still had fair attendance. The weather has been beautiful lately and that has been refreshing. I preached this morning a topical message, "Steadfast for Truth" and shared the, "Open Letter to Government" with our church. I've already received some of the flyers (10,000 total), but the rest will be delivered here early next week. Please pray for God's blessing as we put these out.

This Tuesday our church is hosting a pastor's fellowship. The speaker is Layton Kelly who leads, "New Hope Residential Centre" in Ireland. Layton is going to share his testimony and let us know about their ministry to the addicted. Our church has supported Layton's family for 9 or 10 years. He was our first missionary. He'll fly in just after noon on Wednesday and depart later that night, but it will be good to catch up. We'd appreciate your prayers for the ministers and their families on this special day.