Still here...

22/10/2016 21:49

....just really busy. :) God has been very good to us this week with Katie back in the States. The kids have been a great help and some have helped with meals as well. So, praise the Lord, we are going to make it until she returns on Monday. She has had a great trip. The time with her family has been very special. Her grandparents attended a Dutch Reformed church. The pastor of their church had the funeral. All of our family was very thankful that he gave a very clear Gospel message. 

Please continue to pray for Katie as she travels back. Please pray that she will feel well. She struggled with some motion sickness on the way there. So, she isn't really looking forward to the flights back. She will be traveling for about 17 hours and 3 flights. I know she would appreciate your prayers.

One of the ways the Lord had us prepared for this week was our special speaker tomorrow, Pastor Stephen Nix. Brother Stephen is a youth pastor in North Carolina who is on vacation with his family. He kindly makes himself available to missionaries to fill pulpit for them and to give them a small break. We've had this scheduled for at least 6 months and it is perfect for us. Please pray for God's power in our services tomorrow. 

Thank you for keeping up with our family. I should be back to more regular updates next week.