Street Evangelism in Edinburgh

03/04/2023 15:20

I enjoyed a beautiful morning doing evangelism in Edinburgh. I'm still replacing my receiver on our street speaker and so I didn't do street preaching today. However, it is a joy to do one on one evangelism. 

God gave me many divine appointments. I spoke with two young people who are studying in Exeter, but are from Turkey. They are non practicing Muslims. After that I spoke with a believer from Romania who lives in Sheffield. He needs a good church and I hope he will email me as he said he intended to do.

I spoke with a very elderly woman and her Catholic daughter. I believe this was truly of the Lord as I intended to turn, but felt like God wanted me to approach them. The elderly woman didn't speak much at all, but patted the bench by her and had me sit down. I had a good opportunity to share the Gospel with them.

Next I spoke to a young lady who believes that God is IN everything and that we are gods. She said that she didn't believe the Bible because it came from men. She then took out a book she was reading about the spiritual truth she was sharing. I questioned how she could believe that since it came through men. It was a good conversation.

The last opportunity was with a Catholic young lady from Denmark. Please pray for Maria's eyes to be opened to the Gospel as a gift and not to be earned by our works. We sat on a park bench and looked up some verses in my Bible.

The above reminds me to ask you to please pray for divine appointments. We have seen God provide some unique opportunities in answer to your prayers. Thanks for praying.