Street Preaching and Piping

18/03/2024 13:36

God has blessed us with two pipers in our family. Both are doing very well and progressing in that discipline. Logan recently bought his own set of pipes and his own outfit. Sometimes when I go street preaching, Logan, or Logan and Nelson, go down with me and do busking. People sometimes think our kids are not from Scotland. They are partly right and partly wrong. Nelson was born here and Logan was 4 when we arrived. It's great to see them doing something which is Scottish, which people enjoy seeing, and which is lucrative. Please pray for God's provision for all of the kids as they save for Bible college.

God gave tremendous liberty preaching on the street this morning. Here is a video link from our Sermon Audio Page. There was marked spiritual warfare. A man turned my speaker off. Another man put his hand on my shoulder while yelling at me. Another man yelled at me. But, I spoke with a woman from Hong Kong who is a believer. She is new to the area and we have a family from Hong Kong visiting our church. I received her mobile number and hope to connect them. Another young couple stood and listened for about 20 minutes. I witnessed to them for 20 minutes after I finished. I hope to see them out for church as God is definitely working in their lives. Please pray that we will see some fruit from this labour and for God's continued enablement to boldly share His Word on the street.

Nolansville Baptist church group (13 in total) are arriving tomorrow. Please pray for this to be a very blessed trip for them and for our church. We're excited about what God is going to do. Thanks for praying.