Street preaching and Wednesday PM.

04/01/2024 08:19

Yesterday was a good, but very busy day. My family did some clean up at the church. I went into Edinburgh and preached on Princess St. The Lord gave tremendous liberty. I had some people encourage me and didn't really face any definite oppositon. Two unusual things happened: A sidewalk street sweeper stopped right in front of me about 12 inches away as he waited for pedestrian traffic to clear. A young girl came up and gave me a 5 pence coin. :) I'm praying for her, will you pray for her just now as well?

Last night we had a good Bible study. I have picked up our, "Life of David" study from SS and brought it back on Wednesday nights. We took about a year break from that study. Interestingly there are more stories of David, I would guess, than almost anyone else in the Word of God. I'm enjoying being back at it in this study. Here is the link from last nights story of David and Abishai in Saul's camp. This is part two, the previous lesson is part 1 of that story.