Street Preaching

22/11/2022 19:22

The Lord gave us a good outing street preaching this morning in Edinburgh. The weather was COLD, but there was no precipitation and the winds were light. Some of the road construction noise from last time had ceased. So, that was a blessing as well. There were some other blessings. Two women from Wales spoke with Tommy and said that they do evangelism. Two men from Mylaysia are visiting Edinburgh and stood and listened for a while before getting information about the church. Another man stood for about 15-20 minutes listening. He then went and took a flyer from Tommy.

God gave a divine appointment on the way there. We walk about a quarter of a mile from where we park. Most of that way I walked with an older couple from England. I had given them directions as they took a Gospel flyer. I was able to share the Gospel as we walked.

On the return to the car, we met a young man. He also walked with us. Please pray for Al (19) that God would bring Him to Himself. It seems obvious that God is already working in this young man's life. He stopped at the car with us and chatted for a while. We gave him a lift down the road a little ways and I've got his mobile number. I hope to see him visit our church, although it would mean a 30 minute bus ride for him. Thanks for praying for God's power in our evangelism.