street preaching

10/04/2024 12:09

We have had a LOT of rainy weather over the last several weeks. Anyone that's here would give their agreement to that. So, when it wasn't raining this morning and it was calm, I decided to go into Edinburgh. My weather app called for rain, but I thought I'd get some preaching in before it came. I think it started raining just a minute or two into my opportunity and so I preached half an hour in the rain. I had a jacket with me and put that on my speaker. Please pray for the power of God's Word to open the hearts of those who passed by. 

Meanwhile, in the rain we can still work on the property. William, a man in our church, helped me yesterday to mud and tape the sound room. We need to get it sorted so that our sound equipment will have a home. The sound room is the old back bar of the dance hall. God had it all ready for our purposes and we thank Him for His good provision.

We had good attendance at our church on Sunday even though I and the boys were absent. God even sent a visitor who is planning to come again. We also had return visitors. So, praise the Lord! Thank you for praying for our attendance.