Street Witnessing

06/05/2014 18:25

My car needed to visit a mechanic today in Kirkcaldy. Afterwards I handed out flyers on the high street for a couple of hours. I sat down by a young man who was made homeless a few months ago. He was seeking some assistance from those who were passing by. I was able to share the Gospel with he and his friend. Please pray that God will meet ALL their needs.

After passing out a lot of flyers (most people were taking them) I had a man almost ask me for one. I would say that he is seeking after God. We had a great chat and I hope that I'll hear from him in the future. I had asked his name at one point and later in the conversation I accidently used the other man's name. I said, "I'm sorry that was the other man I was speaking to." He said, "You mean the homeless man? I saw you talking to him and thought you must really care about people if you were taking the time to speak with someone who has an obvious need." That is why he wanted to talk to me when he saw me later this afternoon.