Stronger Family Seminar

27/05/2019 15:28

Thank you for praying for our time under the ministry of Dr. Bud Steadman. God gave us a good turnout for the meetings and great encouragement from the Word of God. Dr. Steadman preached on going forward. Friday night was, "Going Forward in Impossible Situations." Saturday night was, "Going Forward to Healing." Sunday night was, "Going Forward to Battle." If you take the time to listen to the audio from our meetings, they will be a blessing to you.

God gave us a good Sunday. I preached yesterday from Daniel 2 on "Life and Death Praying." Daniel and his companions had to pray as if their life depended upon it... because it did. They had to know the king's dream or they would perish. They were men of prayer and they delivered themselves and all the other advisors to the king because God answered them. I said to our church that we don't need prayer warriors, we need a praying army. We appreciate those who are a part of the prayer army behind us and our ministry.

Thank you for your prayers for these special events. The next thing on our calendar of special events is a mission team from Tabernacle Baptist Church arriving next Wednesday. On Saturday 8 June, we will be hosting a teen football tournament. Please pray for the power of God to draw young people to this tournament and to open their hearts to His great news!