Suffer the little children....

19/12/2018 10:35

I was asked a great question Sunday night by a little boy (6). His mum just got saved last month. His question was, "How does someone get saved?" He was in earnest and his mum and I sat down and talked with him about the Gospel. He understood that he was a sinner, that the punishment for sin is hell, that Jesus paid the price for his sin on Calvary, that Jesus rose from the dead. And.... he prayed and asked Jesus to come into his heart to save him. I love seeing a child accept Jesus because they do so very simply. Isn't God good to reach into a child's heart and bring them to saving faith? He came back into the room singing and my wife asked him, "Why are you so happy?" His answer, "I just got saved!"

Today I put flyers out in the village where we live. Please pray for our neighbors in this community. We love them and hope to see many of them encouraged to faith in Jesus.