Summer continues

27/05/2012 14:05

Well, this must be the longest stretch of gorgeous weather we have ever experienced here. We anticipated a hot evening in church but didn't anticipate one this morning.  However the heat was on this morning when we arrived and it was roasting.  Thankfully it cooled down considerably before our morning service.

The Hikins were with us in Sunday School.  Alec and Connie joined us for the morning service.  It's been good to see Connie back in church.  Thank you for taking that need to the Lord.

My message from Acts 16 was, "From Beating to Blessing."  If you'd like to read it, I've already put it on our church website -

Tonight we are going to take ice cream for after the service.  Hopefully it won't be too hot or we will be moving outside for the service. 

If you are reading this and it is 90 degrees, I don't anticipate much compassion for our suffering. But I would say that Connie is from Zimbabwe and she is struggling with the heat. :) Thanks for following along with what the Lord is doing in our ministry!