Summer is coming?

06/05/2013 12:00

God has given us some beautiful weather the last two days. It is nice to be outside and feel the temperature as comfortable as if you were inside. I'm sure it is not quite as warm but the sun and the lack of wind give the illusion of heat. We are enjoying the weather.

God gave us a good Lord's day. I enjoyed preaching on the spies who came into the promised land. Lord willing, I will be doing a series of messages on this story. I think it would be an encouraging read if you have the time. I put my sermon notes on our church webpage. We enjoyed looking at Acts last night and considered the "great power' and "great grace" of the early church.

This morning I have been putting out flyers in Loanhead. I spoke to a man who I have been praying for. We enjoyed a good conversation a while back. He wanted to chat but had a meeting scheduled for this morning and couldn't talk. I had one other divine appointment for which I thank the Lord.  Please pray for God's power in our witnessing. Thanks for your help in our ministry.