Summer is here

04/08/2012 18:04

We are enjoying a nice warm day.  I was able to do door to door this morning and had 4 good chats.  I was going through a very nice area and was pleased to find the people friendly. I know the Lord was working even though the doors weren't very open.

This afternoon we joined a sister church for a barbecue.  This church is close to an hour from us and their pastor is getting ready to return to the States.  The Searcy's don't want to leave the field but have made the tough choice to return to care for his mother.  Please pray for God's provision for the church in Tweedbank. Please also pray for the Searcy's as they travel back the beginning of next month.

The Hikins left on holiday on Friday.  Please pray that God will bless this time for their family.  Their last attempt at a holiday was pretty disastrous.  (They can laugh about it - but it was pretty bad.) I know they'd appreciate your prayers.